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Ending 2020 on a 'POSITIVE' note- Habara Gani!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

For the past 14 years as we close each year, YAAHC has brought The City of Yonkers the most EDUCATIONAL, VIBRANT and COLORFUL celebration of KWANZAA that the city has ever seen!!!!

However; this year due to the COVID Epidemic, YAAHC had to get creative and

for the FIRST TIME, we had our 15th Anniversary Kwanzaa VIRTUAL CELEBRATION and it turned out to be a SUCCESS!!!  


We brought all of the elements that are involved in the celebration and that same INSPIRATION and LOVE to the public.  The only thing that was missed was serving the public the delicious, traditional foods and hugs.

YAAHC THANKS EVERYONE, who tuned in for the celebration and we look forward to bringing it to you in 2021!



Friday, January 1, 2021

As we celebrated the last Kwanzaa Principle, IMANI (Faith), YAAHC understands the IMPORTANCE of the NGUZO SABA (7 Principles) and that they are a part of the daily lives of people from the African Diaspora!!!  Through virtues and traditions, the Nguzo Saba is what shapes ourselves, our families and our communities!!!  This Virtual Kwanzaa Summit is a TEACHING conference for those of ALL cultures (especially African Americans) and to help everyone have a understanding of its significance and legacy!!!!!legac

Even though the traditions are young here in the United States of America, the long-lasting origins come from ALKEBULAN (the TRUE name of Mother Africa). 

'SHOWING UP' during a time of crisis

September, 2020

YAAHC is not just known for their educational and cultural events, but also for their 'humanitarian' work.  Whether it is individually or as a group, its committee members ALWAYS makes time to show LOVE and CONCERN for the residents of Yonkers and beyond by filling in a NEED, where there is a void (pictured here with the staff at the YWCA of Yonkers).  By helping our fellow partnership organizations, we believe that- IT DOES TAKE PARTNERSHIPS TO BUILD COMMUNITIES!!! 

Through charity; whether it is monetary, providing clothing/supplies or volunteer work, we show up!!!  YAAHC will continue to be a committed multi-faceted, grassroots organization.  


We at YAAHC believe that communities are not just created by its residents, but are developed by groups of people such as organizations.  In order for communities to THRIVE, POWER comes in numbers!  Its is important for organizations to form PARTNERSHIPS, so that communities can be strengthened and maintained.  YAAHC is grateful for the partnerships we have developed with the YMCA (inserted picture), YWCA, NCNW-HVS, NCC, Yonkers Downtown BID, etc.  With this comes growth, stability and a sense of family.  That is what makes up every neighborhood, City and State!!!

LOVE is in the air

One of YAAHC's affirmations is LOVE!  We thrive on LOVE of our children, our families and our communities!!!  This is shown through ALL that we do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  We believe that LOVE heals, helps and cultivates!

Let's CONTINUE to spread that thing that we all


After a year of sorrow and loss, it is time for RENEWAL & REMEMBERANCE!  After 500 years, the descendants of enslaved African Americans are FINALLY getting the acknowledgment that has been long overdue!!  The president of the United States signed into Law making JUNETEENTH A FEDERAL HOLIDAY!!   So as YAAHC has been doing for the past seven years in downtown Yonkers, we held our 'Annual Juneteenth African Heritage Celebration'.  Even though there was no parade this year, we still brought the community and City of Yonkers three days of education,  celebration and commemoration!!!

Bringing back the attention on supporting 'Black-owned businesses' by having a large variety of quality vendors, nonprofit organizations and other corporations.  We also had our Summer stage, which celebrated African American music and we honored our youths for their talent and academic achievement by rewarding them with certificates, plaques, medals and gifts cards!  There was even FUN TIME with outdoor activities for our youths to enjoy.  :) 

This year was extra special, because New York State was the FIRST state in the United States to acknowledge Juneteenth by making it a holiday.  This acknowledgement is not just about celebrations, it is about EDUCATION!!!!

Educating not just African Americans on the lost and accurate information, but educating other people/cultures, so that the NARRATIVE can be respected and understood!! 

We want to THANK the media outlets: Channel 12 news and Yonkers Voice for sharing our events with the rest of Westchester County.

This year's celebration was appreciated and respected by MANY!!!


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