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Correspondence & Recording  Secretary, Athena Dent

From a young age, Athena Dent knew her purpose in life and that was to be a- HUMANITARIAN.  Besides being a former Social Worker (12 years), Nursing Assistant (4 years), Licensed Daycare Provider (1 1/2 years), caring for/nurturing and counseling infants/children/teens (30 years), Educator -Pre-K Teacher(3 years) and Retail (14 years).  She is currently a Community Advocate, Mentor, long-time Volunteer and has always had one passion- WRITING.

She was born and raised in the Bronx, NY; she completed all of her grade levels in the NYC Public School System and then went on to attend a Nursing program (became a Certified Nursing Asst).  After 4 years; she decided to open her OWN Licensed Daycare and went to College to become a Social Worker.

Before she advanced her education; she began writing poetry at the age of 14 and as she worked in various professions, her writing evolved.  She decided to do screenwriting, wrote four screenplays and took one of her screenplays, "Silk" and turned it into a manuscript.  After two years of trying to get an agent/reputable publishing company to publish her work (and 50 rejection letter later), she decided to self-publish her own book.  At the time, Mrs. Dent was going through a DEVASTATING life situation and the result was her going through a POSITIVE HEALING process!  That process resulted in her writing and completing three books CONSECUTIVELY!

After 25 years of writing; she published her first book, "Silk" in 2009, followed by her second book, "One of A Kind" in 2010.  In 2014; she completed three more manuscripts, "Francesca's Journey", "Emerging Cocoon"(sequel to "Silk") and "The Beginning" (poetry book).  In 2016; she published her third book, "Francesca's Journey", which was inspired by her experience as a Child Welfare Specialist assisting families in the Foster Care system and is her first young adult/education book (her goal for the book is to get the book into middle/high schools all over the country).  In the same year; she published her fourth book, "Emerging Cocoon" (2017 RECIPIENT- PHYLLIS WHEATELY BOOK AWARDS; Harkem Book Festival).  In 2015, she completed her sixth manuscript, "Lady A: The Life of a Teddy bear (first Children's book: a 13-mini book series & each book comes with a teddy bear).  In 2018; her book, "Francesca's Journey" was implemented (1st time Book material) into the Yonkers 'YMCA Clubhouse'- an education & prevention program for youths.  She is also an Editor, Ghostwriter and mentor to other writers.  

In 2018; she celebrated the release of the 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of "Silk" (re-released through another publisher).  The underlying factors for all of Mrs. Dent's books are to EDUCATE, HEAL & INSPIRE!  Despite experiencing various tragedies throughout her life; she has used FAITH, PRAYER & TENACITY to TRIUMPH into having a pro-active, enthusiastic and exceptional life!  Mrs. Dent has a B.A. Degree in Human Services (majoring in Psychology), years of Medical and Child care training/practice and experience.  She has been an Entrepreneur for the past 12 years and a Community Advocate in various organizations: She was the former Vice President at AutismProject FLOS, Inc. (2015-2018)- an organization that assist families with special needs children.  She is currently an Elected Officer with the Yonkers African American Heritage Committee (2016-present) and is an active member in several other organizations: YMCA of Yonkers CH Advisory Board, NCNW-HVS, Sister-to-Sister International, Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins 'MISCC'.  She does  humanitarian work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The YMCA of Yonkers, The YWCA of Yonkers, JCY of Westchester (SMART program) and others.  In 2016, she was a RECIPIENT of "The 3rd Annual Women Who Dare To Be Different" Awards Ceremony (Westchester County, NY) and has also received other awards.  She is avid in fitness and nutrition (she has studied nutrition for over 35 years and makes it a part of her lifestyle.  She shares holistic living with others); loves art, music, reading and collects teddy bears.  She practices/studies Martial Arts (Wing Chun, Ju-Jitsu, Hapkido); she obtained her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Doe at the age of 41 and would like to teach Martial Arts in the near future.

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