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In the AFRICAN DIASPORA culture besides our Ancestors, our children are the MOST IMPORTANT aspects in life!

Every year, the organization CELEBRATES the educational achievements of our young people by selecting High School Graduates (a male and female) and they are acknowledged as our KING & QUEEN for the year!  We also acknowledge them by having various people from the COMMUNITY (residents, business owners, organizations, City Council Officials) along with family and friends come together at a Luncheon.  

They are given SCHOLARSHIPS to further their education, plaques, traditional African sashes and are a part of YAAHC's events throughout the rest of the year!

YAAHC also encourages the youths to RETURN to the community to do 'Community Service'.

YAAHC offers mentorship and guidance to the youths, while they are completing their education.  They are made aware that they are the future generation and that life is what you MAKE IT!

*See below our Kings & Queens*

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