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Secretary, Mitzi Walker

Mitzi Cierra Walker was born and raised in Southwest Yonkers, NY, which is still one of the biggest districts where it continues to face diversity and poverty issues.  Mitzi is determined to give back to the Yonkers Community.  She has always been independent, motivated and inspired to break barriers and adversities which young women experience in Yonkers, due to lack of available resources and support.

Mitzi began working at the age of 16; she worked for the community agency, YMCA of central & North Westchester in 2008.  She joined the YWCA of Yonkers in 2010, where she acquired 10 years of experience in providing services for individuals who are in need of: Childcare, senior and shelter services, health & wellness, food pantry, teen leadership progams and other needed support.   The last few years at the YWCA, she was a Program Coordinator and Case Manager for their housing program.  She found her passion to assist women and families with services such as: Awareness/advocacy, fundraising, planning community events, life skills workshops, and activities to uplift and empower individuals.

In 2017; Mitzi joined 'Inspire Yonkers' and the 'Yonkers African American Heritage Committee', which are two organizations gears to support low income communities through education and cultural awareness.   

Mitzi is a mother to a beautiful young daughter named Misa, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this has motivated her to use her VOICE to be a leader for education, change and support for people with no voice.  Being a Black woman and showing love to other women has always been her focus to create healthy relationshps with self and others.

She is a self-starter and has created a balanced lifestyle.

Mitzi obtained her  Degree in Human Services and is still futhering her education as a Human Service student.  When she is not working or advocating; she enjoys creative spaces, spending time with her family, listening to music and writing.

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