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When is comes to being 'MY BROTHERS KEEPER', that is who Jerry Galella was.   

Jerry Galella was born in the Bronx on November 25, 1952 and he was a person 'who loved people'!  One of his jobs was as a Head Manager at the Shoprite Supermarket in Gettys Square in Downtown Yonkers, NY for over a decade.  He was WELL-RESPECTED and LOVED by the residents in the area.  He was kind, professional, approachable, humorous and respectful.  He was 'protective' of his store and maintained it in a A+ manner.

But most of all; Jerry was VERY SUPPORTIVE of all of the organizations in Yonkers, NY.  It did NOT matter what age, gender, culture or sexual orientation that the organization represented.  As long as it was positive and served the surrounding communities, you had his support!

Whether it was monetary, food donations or having a Shoprite float in parades, Jerry made sure that it was done.

He was very supportive of our organization for most of our annual events and always made himself available, if any issues needed fixing.

Back in 2019; when we found out that Jerry was sick, we made sure that he was aware of our concern for his well-being and that was the first year that we did NOT have a Shoprite float in our Juneteenth Parade.  That showed us that if Jerry was still on the job; that float would have been in the parade, because he was ON POINT when it came to representing the community!

In February of 2020, one of the YAAHC members saw Jerry at the Supermarket (he was visiting) for the LAST TIME; he passed away the following month on March 15th in Hospice care.

To this day, we speak fondly of Jerry and miss his presence.

This organization will continue to honor him!

Sleep in heavenly peace, Jerry. 

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