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President, Robert Winstead

Robert Dwight Winstead (aka OmaObatala) born Dec. 8, 1959 in the City of Yonkers, NY.  The youngest of 3 siblings (Sonny & Sheila), Mother - Cleo Belle Winstead, Father- James Weldon Winstead Sr.  Robert was raised by his matriarch grandparents- George Wren Sr. & Alberta wren.  He is currently married to his lovely wife, Regina D. Hutchins-Winstead (Iya Oyanike) since 1994.  Robert attended & graduated from the Yonkers School System.  In 1977 after graduating from Yonkers HS/Career Ctr., he went to Westchester  Community  College and majored in Civil Technology.  After graduating from WCC in 1980, he continued studying Civil Engineering at Manhattan College in the Bronx & graduated in 1983.  

Robert has always been active in the community; first as a local NAACP youth member, President of the Afro American Club/Third World Coalition at WCC and student organizer of the Anti-Apartheid rallies at Manhattan College. 

"I still feel we/I have a responsibility to make a contribution to our people and our struggle for liberation in my own era."  

The 1950's & 1960's; he joined the Black People Freedom Movement to help change the world- "I believe that 'change' has not fully come yet and I must do my part towards the goals set by my African Ancestors! UHURU-MAAT" (FREEDOM & JUSTICE).  Spiritually; he was raised & baptized in Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Yonkers, NY and he was an usher and choir member.  He began searching for GOD's teachings from African Master Teachers beginning with Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad & Farrakhan, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke & Baba Ifayomi (Dr. Conrad) as well as the Ancient African Cosmologist teachings with Ausar Auset Society in Brooklyn, NY and he was also an associated member of lli Orisa Shango in Mt. Vernon for several years.  

"The African Centered Education movement is my foundation".  In 1980; he was introduced to a place in Harlem, NY called FIRST WORLD ALLIANCE and it was here that he discovered that our ancient African Values & Views were cultivated as an African World community.  Different master teachers from around the world taught different subject areas teaching us about our African Origins.  We started several organizations; The Yonkers African Education Forum, Sea Islands Committee & A.S.C.A.C. and many other study group formations- all of which were grassroots organizations committed to African people.

He is currently the President of the Yonkers African American Heritage Committee and the Toon Family Reunion Committee-NY Chapter and several other cultural organizations- The African Healing Circle Inc. in Mt. Vernon, Uhuru Shule and UJAMAA NETWORK in Westchester County, NY.  These organizations are dedicated to the RE-EDUCATION and CULTURAL upliftment of the African Family and Community WORLDWIDE.  "We need to continue to do the work of our African Ancestors (ancient and modern), whom are the ORIGINAL MOTHERS & FATHERS OF HUMANITY!  Those who kept our families, nations together and our organizations working, always reminded us that- WE ARE AFRICAN PEOPLE!"  There is an Ibi African proverb that says: "Igwe Bu  Ike:- Family is Strength.  "We must do the work that is required to keep our families and our culture alive and thriving.  This is our business, not the business of the general society.  It will take resources, careful planning, commitment, sacrifice, organization and LOVE for one another.  Rebuilding our families and communities based upon our African Traditional Value Systems: MAAT and Nguzo Saba."

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