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Elder Member,  Gladys  Skinner

Gladys Skinner was born and raised in North Tarrytown, NY, where she attended and graduated from the North Tarrytown Public School System.  Upon graduation; she continued her education at Grasslands Hospital in Valhalla, NY and became a Radiology Technologist.  Sis. Gladys continued her journey and worked at Yonkers General Hospital and New York Medical for a combination of 30 years as a Supervisor and Technologist.

She has been a proud member of Bright Hope Chapter #46, since 1996.  Sis. Gladys is a member of the following houses: Magdalene Royal Court #12, Prince Hall Order of Cyrene in Mt. Vernon, NY and the Order of the Golden Circle, P.H.A., NY.

Although Sis. Gladys is retired; she is HIGHLY ACTIVE in the community and is always volunteering her services to a number of causes and agencies.  Gladys is a long-time member of Sister-to-Sister International Inc., NAACP of Yonkers, a Board Member of the Hudson River Community Assoc. of North West Yonkers Inc. and at the YWCA/YMCA Silver Sneakers.

Sis. Gladys has been a dedicated member of the African American Heritage Committee for the past 30 years (she is the LONGEST serving member); with the MAIN focus of who we are and where we come from.  She is very proud of the work the organization has done with the mission of keeping 'Black family History alive'. 

Member, Zafiro  Romero-Acevedo

Mrs. Zafiro Romero-Acevedo was born in Morelos Cuernavaca, Mexico and has been residing in South Yonkers for the past three decades.  Mrs. Acevedo graduated from the Arts Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Graphics.  Within her career, she has worked with companies such as: MTV Networks and 4Kids Entertainment in the Animation Dept.

Mrs. Acevedo has worked for the past 18 years with non-profit organizations teaching educational art programs in Mexican Folk Art in art centers, museums, public libraries, parichial and public schools.  As well as providing mix-media arts, performing arts & theatre.  Mrs. Acevedo established a volunteer youth group under the umbrella of the Utermyer Performing Arts Council; youths ages 9-16 UPAC volunteers have participated in all Yonkers events: Yonkers Marathon, Yonkers police National Night Out, the Food Bank of Westchester, PAL and the Yonkers Mayor's three Kings events.

Mrs. Acevedo is a Board Member of the Utermyer Performing Arts Council, Inc., new member of the Yonkers African American Heritage Committee, Member of the Blue Door Art Gallery, Yonkers Arts, Hudson River Museum, Hispanic Board Committee and a Member of the Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Board.

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